Monday, February 23, 2009

no traction

My thoughts of late seem to consist of reading others people's in an effort to escape my own. Among the things I want to sort out and relate to rightly is finishing a writing course I started years ago and accomplishing progress on some art projects.
And so I resort to other people's brilliance to spur me on and from which to borrow perspective.

“If you were meant to cure cancer or write a symphony or crack cold fusion and you don’t do it, you not only hurt yourself, even destroy yourself. You hurt your children, you hurt me, you hurt the planet,” Pressfield writes. “You shame the angels who watch over you and you spite God Almighty, who created you and only you with your unique gifts, for the sole purpose of nudging the human race one millimeter further along its path back to God.”

Borrowed from here if you want to read the whole article.

Now I have yet another book to add to the read-someday-pile. Stephen Pressfield's The War of Art.

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