Thursday, February 12, 2009

confessions of a wallflower

If you look slightly to the left on this screen you will see that I am a self-proclaimed people-watcher. I am considering renouncing my status. I watch people, truly, but my powers of observations are more generalized to impressions and summaries than details. I'm really not that good at details.

The reason for this acknowledgement is due to some recent people watching in Palestine via the Gospel of Luke with Beth Moore. People-watching is after all much more fun with a buddy.

Did you know...

... that when Zechariah the priest was in the Jerusalem temple and received the announcement from Gabriel the angel messenger that he, Zechariah, in his old head state, would sire a son, it was his once in a lifetime, pick of the longest straw chance to offer the incense that day? Now that's impeccable timing.

...the day that Mr. and Mrs. Zechariah had the dedication/circumcision ceremony for their new son, the whole family was there. Now, with the help of Beth, I suddenly saw this from the perspective of an Italian reunion, or perhaps My Big Fat Greek Wedding - circa 3 b.c. One of the other details of Zechariah's encounter with Gabriel is that the consequences of his incredulous doubt was his inability to speak until his son was born. Back to the family. They all had an opinion on the name of this son and boisterously drowned out Elizabeth's attempts to tell them that the name was not to be Zecheriah as tradition would typically dictate. In exasperation they descend on Zecheriah and ask? No! They start signing to him to tell them what the baby's name is to be. He's mute, people, not deaf!!! Charades anyone?

I cannot read this book fast enough or slow enough. It is rich. I am desperately thirsty to learn more of this Jesus I follow. I am looking forward to the rest of the journey through Luke's writing. I have laughed, cried and received much in the first six chapters and expect much more to come. I am thankful for my companion and grateful that she will be true to Scripture. I'll keep you informed at what I (we) observe.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you write, I love the way you share, and I love the way God has gifted you to both bless others and see His fingerprint on so much in life. I love that you're my friend :)