Friday, February 27, 2009

blow me over with a tumbleweed

Props, kuddos, shout out.....

LOOK AT THIS!! (jumping up and down, speechless and pointing rudely)

She blogs; she cooks; she's a photographer; she like to remodel things; she's a gardener; she's funny! Did I mention she homeschools her children? And darn it all, she's a cowgirl.


If you happen to realize it's been weeks since you've heard any rustle of life from my general direction, I will be found right here, at my desk, reading about this Pioneer Woman. When that's finished I'll crawl out for sustenance, throw my most prized possessions in a bandana, tie it on a stick, collect my sister and move west.

Come visit, will ya?
I promise to cook you something fabulous from one of the recipes I find here.
It'll be served up with cowboy coffee on my front porch that overlooks the Rocky Mountains.

(I really wish I owned a good picture to post with this.)


Anonymous said...

ooh, new reading material! Have I mentioned that I like it when you write a lot so that I have something to read? I'd visit you, I think, if you moved back to Colorado and became a cowgirl again. I think it could be fun. My friend Kristen and I always talk about how when we're old maids we want to homestead together...I think you're in the same vein as our not-likely-to-happen-but-we'd-really-love-if-it-did thoughts. If I never make it to Colorado, I'll visit your ranch in heaven. We can bake fastnachts together in the kitchen after serving some steak and potatoes :)

Rachel said...

If I am your first recourse for reading material, we are both in trouble ;). I like your plans and I love your long comments.

Anonymous said...

This lady also has posts about zucchini. I think I'm sold!

Rachel said...

Now I know what it takes to win you over! ;) Should've guessed.