Wednesday, February 25, 2009

green faith

A dish of green m&m's sits near the edge of my desk in my room. Tonight a tiny person no higher than the table came in and went straight for them. No introductions. No please. No hesitation. She went right to them and slowly put them in her mouth one by one, her eyes growing brighter as her mouth grew more green. She looked at me across the table with the clearest expression of trust and just ate with total abandon. She was sure they were expressly for her 18 month old self. She was right. No messy requesting needed. Just help yourself. The door was open. She was welcome and whatever I had was for her.

Do I believe God like this? That whatever He has is for me? The door is open? Just help myself? He doesn't sit back and watch, hoping I'll figure it out. He has even gone so far as to tell me. He has written me letters. He has shown me with His life. And yet I hesitate. I stand at the edge of the room of His heart, so to speak, on many days and say, "Really?" I mean I know He can, but will He? Oh, for the faith of a child.

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