Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pray without ceasing

Every now and then the teen mom I live with will coach her daughter through saying a simple dinner time prayer. She has her repeat each word and at the end, the baby never says the last word (but she always know when it's done) and instead voices a loud and long Aaaaaamen in her sweet baby voice.

Beginning sometime mid-week last week this is what we've been hearing:

mommy: What does a cow say?
baby: mooooo!
mommy: What does a cat say?
baby: meow!
mommy: What does a dog say?
baby: arf arf!
mommy: What does a duck say:
baby: quack, quack!
mommy: What does a horse say?
baby: Aaaaaaamen!
mommy: Diamond
baby: Diamond
mommy: doesn't
baby: dudent
mommy: hit
baby: hit
mommy: mommy
baby: Aaaaaamen!
baby: book!!
baby: booooook!!!
me: please
baby: please
me: read
baby: wead
me: my
baby: my
me: book
baby: book
me: to
baby: to
me: me
baby: Aaaaaamen!

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