Thursday, May 28, 2009


This past weekend was passed in Baltimore, MD at the NEXT conference, deepening my relationship with Jesus and friends old and new. Websites are now littered with photos and commentary. I'll get to that eventually. Today I am just glad to be home. I didn't actually spend much of my day at home. I was all over Lancaster and Chester county, but as I sit and read and let itunes play on shuffle (current song: Dream by the Cranberries), I sigh and am home.

Things that tell me I am home:

1) Children's voices screaming my name in their baby way and their baby arms around my neck
2) Sarcasm at my expense
3) Unexpected favors done for me while I was away (garden planting here I come)
4) The smell of dinner wafting up the stairs to my room (and lingering for days after if it includes onions)
5) The comfort of my own bed cannot be matched. period.
6) A surprise visit from a friend - seeing my home through his eyes
7) Stepping outside at night and seeing the city lights down the hill and the stars above.

Psalm 90:1 Lord, you have been our dwelling place through all generations.

What things tell you that you are home?


Curt and Sarah said...

*Books tucked in between the couch cushions.
*Baby dolls strewn on the floor in uncomfortable-looking poses.
*Static-ey talk radio in the background.
*Peanut butter jars on the counter (why put it away if you're just going to get it out again in a few more hours? really...)
*Pacman on the laptop.
*Clothes on the line, drying in the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Fields on every side with a house tucked here and Dad's bad jokes...bologna and cheese sandwiches...our dogs...flannel/fleece of dead people and how we're related to them...upheaval...breezes through open windows...the stacks of things to do