Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just answer the question

Finish this sentence:

I wish I had______________ so I could_______________.


Amy said...

I had to think about this one. I think coming off our trip and thinking materialistically I wish I had money so I could buy a hundred acres with a cabin. And thinking on a deaper level I wish I had humility (and a bunch of other things, ie. patience, etc.) so I could be a good wife and mother.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps you've been reading The Blazing Center :)

I wish I had a greater love for the Gospel so I could have greater joy. I also wish I had a job that required me to read all the books I have sitting on my shelf so I wouldn't feel guilty spending hours and hours reading. And I wish I had a husband so I could learn more about this mystery of Christ and the church. I wish I had direction from God so I could run in it. Oh, and I wish I had a Steinway grand piano (and a private concert hall to go with it) so I could enjoy playing it. On a more attainable level, I've always wished for a library, or at least decent bookshelves, so that I could organize all my books and fill the shelves up with more that I won't have time to read anyway. Sorry, I've made this comment as long as a post.