Sunday, March 29, 2009

four days with Jesus

I don't have to work the weekend this event called Next takes place this year (I've had to work the past three years).

But I found my inner rebel rearing its ugly head whenever anyone asked if I was going. Just because "everyone" was going, I wanted to get stubborn and make my own plan and not go. That'll show 'em. What? I want to stay home and be bored because everyone I would want to hang out with is literally out of state over Memorial Day weekend? Maybe I just secretly wanted sympathy. 'Awww, Rachel can't go." Who knows. I silenced my rebel diva and finally had a chance to register tonight. I also watched the promo video for the first time on my beauteous new ibook that God so generously provided. Rabbit trail: I didn't even seriously pray for a new computer. I griped about the inconveniences of the old decrepit ones I kept alternating between. I wished for one. I suggested to myself that I should begin a budget savings category for one, but I didn't out and out ask God for one. He gave me one anyway. Totally free. Totally new. This time I'm asking. I would like an SLR camera. Please. That's as specific as I can get until further research. But research I will do.

Back to that conference. Four days meeting Jesus all over again. Add to that awesome fellowship with quite a few of my favorite people, throw in some music and some art....what was I thinking? I have no better plan.

You should come. I want all of my favorite people there. I want to get to know new favorite people.


Anonymous said...

I'm there! And I'm so excited that almost everyone else will be there too...can't wait to hang out with you for four days :)

Audrey said...

So glad you are going=) Yay! Sorry I missed being with you last night. We need to catch up again soon=) Love you