Friday, March 13, 2009

cookies aren't the only thing on my mind

date: 2.27.09
time: Friday Night Watch 7-9pm
location: Lancaster, PA City Gate Prayer Room
lyrics (as best as I could get them) to a prophetic song by Gordon

sometimes I look in my heart
and I don't like what I see
and so I come
looking for your release

and I ask you to come
and I agree with you
'cause it's all yours

sometimes the enemy laughs at me
and looks at the destruction he's caused
he points at what he's done
but you look beyond
and I know it's all yours

I know the day will come
that this earth is gone
I wait for the day when you look at me
when you roll back the clouds
reveal heaven above
then you'll look at your church
say, "come - be by my side"

you tell us it's yours
come make this place your own
it's ours
because of what you've done

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