Friday, March 13, 2009

evil fat gremlins

One of the beautiful advantages of living at and working for a non-profit is that I have the privilege of helping myself to the various donations and supplies that people so generously bring.

These are definitely beautiful.

These were waiting for me in the kitchen last night when I came back from my day off.
Sometimes they are waiting by the boxful at our main entrance.
These and many of the other goodies from Panera fill our extra freezer in the basement.
And take up substantial room in the deep-freeze, also in the basement.
If they keep coming they are going to start crowding out the meat in the deep-freeze in the barn.
These are not advantageous.
That is because the evil fat gremlins that reside in them take up residence in my hips when I eat them.
My missionary budget is not going to be able to fix my computer keyboard from the crumbs that are falling into and clogging it while I type.
Oh wait, at some point someone has surely donated some of that aerosol air-in-a-can stuff to blow the dirt out of tiny inconvenient places like a computer keyboard. Help yourself to a cookie while I go look for it. The real trick will be finding the red straw attachment for the nozzle. And getting my hips through the doorway. Oh well, the exercise will be good for me.

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