Sunday, December 7, 2008

things I love.....

I am still trudging along on my journey for romance from God. If you can call standing in the middle of the trail spinning in circles, trudging. Life just is. Thanksgiving is come and gone, Christmas is coming as fast as the Polar Express. I'm on the lookout for that touch, that glance in the middle of the day to day routine. Sometimes I see it and get butterflies, many days I don't. Maybe I'm not looking as hard as I think.

My letter took more the form of a list. It was composed on the drive home from NH after Thanksgiving, and was inspired by several Todd Agnew songs, the scenery and thoughts of what I enjoy most in my friendships.

The things I love most (in order of thought):
- He waits for me
- He forgives me
- He is merciful to me
- I am at home with him
- He makes me feel beautiful
- He is strong
- He surprises me
- He seeks me out
- He sees the best in me
- He causes me to see the best in others
- He passionately pursues what he believes in
- He sings to me and about me
- He leads me
- He doesn't lead me on falsely - no strings attached per se
- I am my truest self when I am with him
- He is always the same, but I am always learning something new
- He always speaks truth to me
- He is all I need
- I love thinking about the possibilites of our future
- He is wise
- He is gracious
- I love his hands
- He sees and understands me
- He will and does see to it that my love for him never changes

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Jona C. said...

i love your list. He really is quite romantic! thanks for being so faithful with this pursuit for romance for God, I have been so encouraged :)