Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Every day they pass you by.

Some blend in as they stand quietly in the shadows on the corners of the out of the way places.

Others race past on the roadways, an indistinguishable blur of hurry.

Some may sit quietly beside you, as comfortable as a familiar idea.

Many will brush past as you go about your days - they don't know you, nor you them - yet in that touch of an instant they shape your life.

Some will arrive with a flourish that will not let you ignore or refuse. They force their way in to your routine. At first their unusual presence rubs a raw blister on your soul. With time it will harden and callous.

Still others will stand silently by for days, weeks, even years, waiting to be noticed. When you do notice is will be be as they finally walk away and you will ache with the awareness that you have missed something beautiful.

Some walk by in clusters, giving you nothing but a surreptitious glance; yet the urge that they are important - somehow - leaves an imprint on you heart.

Then there are those who will disdain and disregard you with haughty superiority.

Some will patronize you with condescending charity.

Many more you will never see at all - ever.

Every day they are there.
Every moment.
Look into their eyes; catch a glimpse of their souls.

Each one is a commonplace miracle.

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Beth said...


Yah! I have another blogger buddy!
Absolutely beautiful writing...I can't wait to read more.
Oh, and your conversation with Rory had me laughing hard...I could just see it taking place. :o)