Thursday, September 27, 2007

number 6!!

My newest nephew, Isaac Roah Shafer, arrived Saturday the 15th at 6:26 pm. He weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 21 in long. The first two days were scary as he made a trip to the ER Sunday night and had a high fever all day Monday. It was eye opening for me to watch my sister go from praying for enough love to care for her sixth child to sitting with her through tears asking if after all they have gone through this year, would God ask for this son back so soon. God has been so kind to us in healing his little body from whatever it was. He is gaining "chub" and cuteness every day and there is certainly no shortage of love for him to thrive on. There is so much more to say, and many more pictures to follow. I am loving having my niece's digital camera to play with.


Bess said...

Oh, Rachel! He's a doll! Congrats to your sister (and to you being an aunt for the 6th time!). :) Hope to see you soon!

staceyhoff said...

How sweet, Rach :) I am so glad that I happened to see your name over on Kelly's Blog List, and wondered if it was you! It was!! Yay! I so love that so many ladies in our church family have blogs! I wish more would get them still ;) Lol! Hope your having a great day, and enjoying that little bundle of love and chub God gave to your sister and brother in-law and to your whole family! xoxo's
<3 Stacey