Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aurora and the search for Goliath

Rachel....I heard the small voice whine.

Me: Yes, Aurora.

Rory: (Age four) No one wants to be my Goliath and let me hit them in the head with my slingshot. See.... I'm pretending this block is my rock, but no one wants to pretend with me.

I tried not to let her see me laugh at her seriousness.

Me: Well, Rory, I think maybe they think it won't feel so good to get hit between the eyes with a block.

Rory: (Pause for careful condsideration.) Well. Maybe if I hit them in the knees it won't hurt so bad.

Me: Maybe not, but they still might think it will hurt.

Rory: I'll just go find Daddy. He'll be my Goliath.....

Me: (to myself) should I warn him....?


Maddie's Momma said...

Hurrah...a fellow blogger!! So excited to find another friend online to keep in touch with! What a funny post! Poor 'daddy'! The wives brunch is tomorrow...ack! I'll keep you posted! xoxo

Audrey said...

too funny....I just found your blog through Kelly's!!!! YAY! Cute story...and I agree with Kelly...poor daddy:) was he warned:) Love ya