Monday, July 16, 2007

musings from years past - revised

Even As I am Known

The mask - heavy
Life - tawdry
A cheap, simple show
They did not know

The day - long
Life - provoking
Testing patience to its end
Oh, if one knew

Time - stangnant
Life - ominous
Looming tiresome and dull
Should they know

The mask - safe
Life - fake
This is not real
None can know

One day renewed
A stranger somehow understood
How could he know

The time now precious
One heart cleansed and true
Delivered by his knowing

The mask now old
Cast aside, discarded and abused
They'll never care

One day eclipsed
Life finished
In his gaze all will be shown

One time soon past
A shrunken, helpless waife
Knows glory, grace, eternal life

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