Monday, July 2, 2007

people watching at the grocery store

I've never known grocery shopping to be so humorous, but between the squeaky carts and items the little old men were buying, today's outing was pretty entertaining. Some Mom had her son in one of those carts with the plastic truck on the front - only this cart had a defective wheel. It screeched so loud everyone in the entire store was aware of every move they made. It was annoying, sure, but the Mom's red face as she pulled up to the front desk and asked for a lube and filter service made it adorable.

What really had me giggling was the ingredients in the cart of one older gentleman. He reminded me of the old ranchers I used to see in the small town markets in Colorado. He had on a flannel shirt (yes, long-sleeved) which was snugly tucked into his dark blue jeans which were pulled securely up between his ribs and armpits. His face was wrinkled and his eyes, distant. The items lined up neatly on the seat of his cart were: a hoagie (grinder, sub, whatever) two jars of Sunmaid prunes and a toilet plunger...

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