Monday, April 27, 2009

it's official

i've completely lost it
sanity that is

today while being a faithful employee and tackling the sortage of the winter's worth accumulation of donations housed in our barn that is suspiciously the size of the Lockness Monster, i heard a loud and insistent buzzing rather close to my ear.

i promptly began flailing and spinning in all directions in the intent of avoiding personal contact with what ever insect was approaching my head like the Red Baron.

this is the part where you sigh and shake your head.
it's ok. i did.
i laughed too. that's ok too.
reminders and laughter at a later date...
not so ok.

the buzzing?
oh yea
it was my phone.
vibrating ever so closely to my ear in my shorts pocket.

hey - it's not completely without cause
we have wood bees staking out territory lately
ever seen a wood bee?
they're distant cousins to the Red Baron
a Lockness Monster sized barn offers a lot of wood to chew


Anonymous said...

Who was it? :) And do you mean carpenter bees, because they've staked a claim around our house too. Isn't it fun to laugh at how silly we are sometimes? I'm sure God loves to do it too.

Rachel said...

It was Leah! I was laughing so hard when I answered, I could hardly tell her the story.