Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eye luggage

latest conversation:
i'm getting crow's feet
sleep might help
maybe some cucumber slices
they won't stay on
i'm too busy laughing at my favorite mis-pronunciation of all time
gnawfork connecticut
most people spell it norfolk

word of the day: context

plans for tomorrow:
travel mugs of coffee from Guatemala
homemade marmalade muffins
road trip
conversation and music with friend of 11 plus years (i think that's a record)
staten island ferry
art gallery
and whatever else we dream up
maybe a stop at cafe lalo
photos to follow

i should sleep
i'm going to launch a germ warfare campaign against the stink bugs that keep invading my loft
flushing them is apparantly not effective
this is my third post today (also a record)
here's to multi-tasking to stay sane during tedious tasks

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