Friday, January 9, 2009


speaker: c.b. eder
series: james: visible faith
title: lord willing
scripture: james 4:13-17

1. Wordly self-reliance (vs. 13) confidence and rejoicing in my plans
The issue is not planning ahead, or seeking to make a profit
We are to make wise plans in accordance with Biblical principles.
What Paul condemns is plans driven by self-reliance as if God doesn't exist or doesn't need to exist.
To acknowledge "if the Lord wills" is not to abandon all diligence or prayerful ambition; but practicing this verbally is a tool to put us in postured of humble submission. (Prov 28:11) Do I concede that I am as helpless in my daily plans as I am/was in my salvation? (I Kings 18-20)

2. Self-reliance and it's evils (vs. 14) (Prov 27:1)
- acting and talking like I know what will come
- I am talking mist. He is the Rock . The only longevity that I might have is the fact that I am united to the Ancient of Days by faith. (Matt 5:4)
- to know something and do otherwise is son. (vs. 17) If I were God-reliant I would pray without ceasing & grieve the fact that I don't.
- it is the way of the world - it is applauded to me daily. I must let go of my disposition to fight and cling to my plans.

If You will, I will live.

Why would I fight to hold on to ______, when I have Christ.

Dream big - about God.

9.30 am

Lord Jesus I give you my desires. I lay it at your feet again. I bring it to the cross and name it. I want to be loved, held and admired. I want to be sought after and pursued. I want to be coy and test the limits of affection. So I set you aside like an idol of wood that I can displace and worship myself. I choose to ignore you and fill my own so-called needs. What possible good is self-admiration? Self is an evil lord preening in the mirror before he leaves his sultry chamber to overthrow good and light in the kingdom he has been banished from.

Do I hope You will admire me? If You look on me with any pleasure it is because You see the righteousness of Christ's salvation clothing me. I believe You have chosen to give me this salvation.

If You will....let me live today. (James 4:15)

Look at me and take pleasure in the work Your Son has done to destroy my sin and reveal evidence of the glory of the plan of Your love. Bring to surface my self-reliance so it can be surrendered. Take my anger, pride and self-will.

Change my heart.
Cause me to think and dream only of You.

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