Saturday, July 9, 2011

anticipating nostalgia

After hearing my sister describe a darling incident with her kids the other day, I asked her,
"Don't you wish you could just put that moment in a box and keep it?"
She agreed.
The fact that I've already forgotten the antecdote makes me wish all the more that such keepsakes were possible.

Tomorrow we celebrate the high school graduation of my oldest neice.

I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that we celebrated this moment:
age 11?

Some days it seems like my own high school graduation is just past. Preparing for hers certainly reminds me of mine.
Like me, she will graduate from homeschool.
Like me, she will have a party with family and friends from all over, a casual affair at a family's home.
Like me, a certain relative will show up unannounced to surprise everyone.

I picked up the cupcakes from the bakery this afternoon and prepared for the surprise relative to arrive. Weather delays and airplane maintenance induce a night watch. I linger at the door, peering down the street into the night and remember the last 18 years.

Tomorrow [erm. this afternoon] we will eat, and laugh and reminisce and sway with oohs and ahs as we guess which graduate is represented in already faded baby picture. We will worship and together praise God for His grace over their lives thus far, laying hands on heads and shoulders, imparting love and favor and anointing for the years to come.

I'd better tuck some tissues in my sleeve.

It was yesterday, I tell you.
2006 - the baby sister she prayed for

Eh, she was homeschooled. She'll do just fine.

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Melissa Wild said...

What a sweet post, Rachel! So looking forward to the celebration this afternoon. Katie exudes Christ every time I see her. I am excited to see what the next season of her life will bring. See you this afternoon. ;)