Monday, December 7, 2009


two weeks of near sleepless nights: exhausting
17 1/2 trips to craft stores: $110.47
forgotten items and an extra trip home the night before the craft show: 2 hours extra driving and an unknown amount of fuel
6 cups of coffee each: free (provided and nasty)
not even close to breaking even but reconnecting with old friends and an entire day with my sister and niece: priceless

Now there's a certain rush to this whole frantic process to get things made and set-up and torn down and taken home. However that rush deflates faster than an old birthday balloon when you get home and all the stuff you took with you is now in your living room and your wallet is still empty and you are freakin' tired! Granted it was our first show and no other buyer fared well either. We still decided we'd much rather be at home together. So we abandoned all ideas of future shows, at least for now, and are going Etsy. Our site is a little rough yet, but we've got a few items posted. Now to perfect uploading photos.....and launching a facebook fan page....and making more stuff.... and 17 1/2 trips to the P.O.

Speaking of bucket list has seen quite a bit of action this year.

Re.struct is open for business!! I am very excited. Watch for some one of a kind art pieces, vintage finds and home decor.

Mother, daughter, sister, auntie
Soulmates, believers, creators
Together we reclaim, restore and repurpose
So you can better enjoy, beautify, nurture and live.

I love that we're doing this together.

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