Saturday, August 22, 2009

And he walked up and said, "What'll it be?" I said, "The good stuff."

This week I....

~ finished unpacking
~ went to my second to last regular orthodontist appointment. gah! my mouth feels like it did at first. two more weeks. I can hardly wait
~ watched the birth of a baby girl, and said good bye to her and her teenage mom all the same day. not sure I like the immediate departure part of the maternity division of this ministry. makes me thankful that whatever I bind or loosen here is eternal
~ had a key made for the main house. it didn't work. the garage key worked. therefore discovered that I can maneuver an extension ladder three times my height and weight without killing myself or breaking anything in order to reach the roof and climb in the window of my second story apartment
~ celebrated my oldest niece's 16th birthday
~ bought some more African coffee
~ unexpectedly caught an episode of goats mating in the barnyard
~ finally replaced the zipper in the dress I argued a price reduction for because of said zipper
~ finally hemmed my friend's jeans
~ finished some belated birthday gifts. see below. now don't you wish you lived closer?
~ started the next batch of gifts for the birthdays this next week. spread out the occasions people, seriously.
~ bought a vintage sewing tool I wanted to use in hemming my friend's wedding dress tomorrow. found it on Etsy yesterday and met in an undisclosed location today to pick it up from the seller. isn't she awesome to do that for me!!
~ talked to a customer service dude for Ebay via chat....told him I'd 'loved' a couple times since I'd last used my account and therefore couldn't log in since I didn't remember what information I would have used. ahem. *moved a couple times*
~ found the 1957 version of Cinderella I'd been looking for right here on the bookshelf and watched it tonight while eating the pieces of birthday present that didn't fit in the jar. now to find a copy to own.


ashley said...

True story, for some reason when I looked at the picture (cookies in jar), I thought it was floating crabs in water. I must need sleep or something (but really, the top half of the jar--looks like there are crabs in there! I was like whaaaaat the heck!!?)


ashley said...
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