Thursday, November 13, 2008

loves me...loves me not....

This topic of romance gets people talking.
Welcome to the journey, Keri.
I went out to breakfast this morning.
My favorite coffee shop.
I can almost feel you leaning in for the details.
Ordinarily special.
I 'spose.
Can I use this to describe time with God?
My verbal limitations hold me there.

Despite the pouring rain the Coffee Co. was packed. One small table near the back was free. Perfect. The owner hurried to wipe it down. I nudged the morning paper over and settled in.
Of course.
Did some people watching while we waited.
Noticed hair syles for some reason. Must be Leah's influence. Talked about her for a couple minutes. Fell silent.
Ah, coffee.
Hmmm. Tastes cheap today. Their lattes are better.
Oh well. It's hot.
The warmth slowly spread toward my cold appendages.
The smells and chatter surrounded me like a blanket. Swing music edged in among the lulls in conversation and kept time with the clatter of dishware.
Time to breathe a little.

I read some thoughts from this guy named Craig Goeschel who wrote Chazown.
Got us talking about what I want out of life. How things so far have shaped who I am. Craig's ideas weren't new, necessarily. Not to me. Just gave some structure to look at things visually, logically track the patterns and put on paper and think about what dream or vision God has given me for my life.

Breakfast arrived.
Topic changed to the paper. Looked at the CMA awards, the up and coming trends in the crafting world, some area prodigies doing big things with their life....

So, the hour was just quiet, mellow, natural. A great time to step away from the usual scenery and visit together. It made me want more. Isn't that what a great date is for? I think I might do this every other Thursday.

No weird expectations. No awkwardness. In restrospect I feel like the morning revolved around me. In a good way. God focuses on me. On His presence in my life. And he is present in the day to day whatever I do.

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