Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Weekend I ...

- borrowed this idea from Jona
- went shopping at Target&Old Navy and bought my niece more clothes (why can't they make cute clothes for girls above age 12?)
- splurged on a Starbucks coffee
- went to a free movie in the town park with one of my favorite teenagers
- found a place to hang my art from Jona
- remade a shirt so it would fit
- baked, ate, and shared some zuchinni-caramel cupcakes (and some chocolate chip cookies)
- used 10 cans of spray paint on two huge bookshelves (and need more)
- cleaned my desk!!
- worshipped with my favorite people
- held my 10 month nephew while he slept
- eagerly anticipated the delivery of some freshly roasted Tanzania Peaberry coffee
- satisfied my craving for curry chicken salad
- read a few pages in my resolution to finish at least some of the books I've started

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